Out Door Panels

Drawout Panels




  • IP 55 Tested construction of Drawout panels provides trouble free operations in any season.

  • Construction:

Incomer ACB is assembled in Single Tier. However upto 1600A Outgoing ACBS can be assembled in Two Tier arrangement.
Similarly 630A MCCB/FSU is Accommodated in 3 Compartments Per Bay, 250/ 400A Feeders in 4 Compartments / Bay.
In Two Tier ACB Feeder, The outgoing ACB links are made of different in length for easy Cable Termination,
depending on cable incoming. For bottom ACB vertical dropper is taken for ACB Bus Bar incoming connection.



Salient features:


• Spacious arrangement is made for cable Termination ensuring Comfortable Operation & Easy Maintenance.

• Metallic / fransparent barriers are provided, within the Cubicle for Prevention of Human Contact with live parts accidentally.

• Panels are very sleek and are excellent in finish.

• Bolted modular construction facilitates Modification, Retrofitting, Extensibility in minimum possible time.

• Use of quarter turnkey flush type steel door locks for convenient operation.

• High Tensile Bolts & Washers for Bus Bar connection.

• Every bay is provided space heater, thermostats & backup protection for anti condensation (as an option).

• Cubicles having controls are equipped with lamp socket.

• Two nos. of power socket including MCB/fuses are provided to avoid undesired unsafe wire¬≠tapping from bus bar (as an option).

• Provision of Ammeter in cable chamber to measure heater current (optional).


Application :


Innovative accessories, perfect workmanship, highest standard switch gear & other components results into a superior aesthetic looked, maintenance easy, trouble free motor control centers. They find application in following industries


Fertilizers Cements
Steel Chemical
Oil Pharma