Social Aspects -

Social Aspects

At Samcon everybody is committed to Green Earth. We have planted around 50 trees in the surrounding of our establishment. Since last two years as a social commitment we have undertaken Tree plantation program in the nearby villages. In year 2010 we planted 50 trees in ‚€œ Kapil Tirth Ashram age old school of Shree Kapil Mooni near Nasik‚€Ě The place has become sacred with stay of Shree Hanuman during Ram Avatar, Ramdas Swami, Shivaji Maharaj. This place was also visited by Chinese Scholar Mr.Yuwan Scen in 12 th Century. A bell gifted by him can be seen there.

In year 2011 we planted 75 trees in ‚€œ Village Taked near Nasik where Jatayu Vadh In Ramayana had taken place‚€Ě. This place is also a very sacred spot for the Vedic Sanskriti followers.

After the visit to these spots all the employees have been enthralled with the idea of Green Earth & have vouched not to cut Trees during Holi & to plant minimum 100 trees every year. Unique feature of these plantation was total avoidance of show case trees like-Gulmohar, subabool. We planted trees like Banyan, Peeple, Jambhul, Teak Wood etc.

At Samcon we also observe cent percent No Smoking, No Tobacco, No Alcohol policy.

For last 10 years, school note books, text books, school uniforms are being distributed to in and around Asangoan village through recognized institutions. A school, classroom is under construction at Asangoan. Food grains are distributed to various Ashram Shalas during festival time.